Emmersons Green, Bristol

The owner of this eleven acre riding stable, allocated for commercial development in the South Gloucestershire Local Plan as part of a much larger mixed-use scheme, wanted to realise as much of its ‘hope’ value at the earliest opportunity, whilst retaining an interest in the uplift in value that would accrue as a result of obtaining planning consent.

The site was already under option to another developer, but they were not prepared to buy it outright at that stage. We stepped in and purchased the freehold interest at a substantially higher figure than its existing use value, together with a profit share arrangement in favour of the landowner once planning consent is obtained and the option exercised.

We let the property back to the original owner on a license, whilst she sought to purchase a long-term replacement, which she has now done. This is a prime example of how we tailor our proposals to suit the requirements of the individual landowner. A comprehensive planning application has now been submitted, and we believe that our expertise will result in the highest possible market value being determined when the option is exercised, to the mutual benefit of the landowner and us.