Promotional Partnership

In addition to the purchase of development land, with or without planning permission, we have a specialist joint venture arrangement with the Silverwood Partnership to undertake land promotion in partnership with landowners.

In situations where landowners have potential development land, but neither the resources nor the inclination to take on the costs and risks of obtaining planning permission, we will do this on their behalf in return for an agreed percentage (typically 20%)of the eventual sales proceeds, together with reimbursement of our costs.

Once planning consent is obtained, the land is offered for sale in the open market, using the owner’s own advisors where appropriate, to ensure maximum competition and therefore achieve the highest price possible. In our experience, the returns to landowner’s under this type of arrangement far exceed the returns that would be achieved under a conventional developer option at a percentage of open market value.

This arrangement means that the landowner’s interests and ours coincide. Our planning expertise ensures that the chances of obtaining planning consent are optimised, and our experience in dealing with sales of development land maximises the sale price. In the event that, for whatever reason, planning consent is not forthcoming, we bear all of the costs incurred. Click here for a case study illustrating this.

For more information please download our PDF brochure or contact Alastair Gibson on 01225 448092 orKevin Bird on 01749 860781.