“We were interested to sell or develop a piece of land at the bottom of our garden. We were recommended to Alastair Gibson of CHARLECOMBE ESTATES, by Bath’s largest estate agency.
Naturally we had numerous concerns regarding the development of a new house, particularly in relationship to any impact it might have on our existing home and remaining land.
I found Alastair extremely competent and very mindful of our concerns. He was extremely responsive and communicative all the way through the project and he delivered it on time.
He and his construction team approached the whole project in a most professional manner and both my wife and I were delighted with the outcome.”
Brian and Sandy Joakim – Landowners, Richmond Heights, Bath

“Alistair Gibson was recommended to me by a friend, always the best recommendation! I would do likewise for others and have already done so on many occasions. He has the skill and ability to operate successfully at board level whilst being able to converse and negotiate in simple to understand layman’s terms. His understanding and awareness of what often turns out to be very complex issues are acute and sympathetic to his client and given that premise is a negotiator that, locally I think, has no peer. He always puts the client first and creates an aura of well founded trust before he acts on his client’s behalf. Alistair is well place to be the middleman as he is a poacher turned gamekeeper and has the benefit of knowledge of both sides of the industry, consequently it is professionally difficult to negotiate him into a secondary position. He has proven to me that his integrity, his personal and work ethics are much to be admired, especially in the building game, as he is an honest broker who genuinely works on his clients behalf. If he is prepared to take on your case then he will feel that he has the required experience to see the process through to a successful conclusion. If he is not confident in either your case or the market then he will tell you up-front and will decline. He has acted for me in the recent past on several occasions and gathered together a very professional team that successfully negotiated the best deal for myself, my family and still left us in a strong position with the developer. The contract was legal, tight and predictable to both sides.
He is one of the few honest brokers in the Construction business and I have no qualms in recommending his services.”
Cllr. Martin Veal – Member of B&NES Council for Bathavon North